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With too much of connectivity around, almost anything is available now on the click of a button. We are so used to being surrounded with various communication technologies that we do cannot even think about living without them. As we keep depending on phone, computer and the like for the smallest of tasks, it takes some special occasions to teach us why it is important to be together – with family, friends and other people around us – in this journey of life.

Even the smallest of such occasions might turn out to be very special. Here is one example that happened a few years ago.

A few of us friends had gone to a remote wildlife sanctuary on the eastern side of Karnataka. Being grassland, this place was far from the lush greenery and cool surroundings one would see in its well known counterparts on the west. It was hot day and all the food and juices we had in the car were over even before reaching the location. The muddy rocky road leading to the sanctuary did nothing to help us either, and the entire drive was bumpy.

Watching blackbucks in their natural habitat was, however, worth all this trouble. We spent a good amount of time observing them – and thought about returning only when we started to feel hungry. The nearest town, after all, was about 20 kms away.

When my friend got into the car and tried to start it, it did not start. Upon checking, we found that during our bumpy drive, a stone had hit something under the car to cause this breakdown. The next realization was that the mobile coverage was very feeble in the area – we would have to struggle to even place a call for help. The situation wasn’t scary or difficult, but we for sure would be stuck here for at least a few hours.

Those few hours, interestingly, are among the most memorable time that we have spent in the 15+ years that we have been friends. That’s when we realized that there are many better things that being lost in our phones even when we are together. Talks can happen better, when there are no phone calls interrupting our discussion. Even the smallest of insects could be very interesting to observe. And with help from each other, we can even attempt things like climbing up the water tank to refill our water bottle!

When help arrived a few hours later, and we were on our way back, the realization was clear. Being together is fun, being together is memorable. Being together, in this journey of life, is more important than anything else. Technology, for that matter, should help us to be together – and not take us away from each other!

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