Stop complaining, and start a new life

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Life can be so funny sometimes. When things keep changing, we hope for some stability; and when there's nothing changing, we are upset again. Being stagnant, after all, is as bad as being unstable!

Let us keep the uncontrollable aspects of life out of scope for the time being. That takes the instability part out of the discussion. Good. So what do we do to ensure that we are not being stagnant?

Starting a new life, once in a while, is really a good option. But what does that mean? Leave home, quit the job, start a business?

These are of course great things to do, but not all of us might be able to take such big risks. But the good thing is that even by doing things much smaller than these, we can start a new life.

Example? Here's one.

In addition to blogging, I also write books. When my first books came out, I was not happy with the way they were designed. So what did I do? I learnt the process of designing books and designed the next book myself. That was a refreshing experience, learning a new skill - and also learning from my own mistakes!

Now, I am not just an author, but also a small-time designer. I am not the best, but still I am proud that I learnt a new skill instead of continuing to complain that my books are not designed right.

I have also tried my hand on some of the hardware tools that are used for designing, and have promptly understood my limitations. That, is another good side of trying out stuff - you can also learn what you can NOT do :)

Good design means nothing, if the book is not printed right. That, for me, was another learning opportunity. Trying to design something that can also be printed well, I learnt many new things about paper, printing and a lot of other stuff. Talking to people in the printing industry was quite informative too. Everyone can be a teacher, if you are willing to learn.

So the point is, feeling satisfied doing what we are comfortable with will not take us anywhere. Life gets stagnant if we keep doing the same stuff all the time. For life to be better, we should start a new life. Not ready for big steps? Nothing to worry. Start small, the experience that it gives is so enriching!

Hobbies are a nice starting point. If you do not have a hobby, take up something. Learn more about that hobby. Get involved, understand the details. And see how you will start a new life, even without realizing that you have done so.

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