Zenfone 2 is [almost] here!

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The first desktop that I purchased was about a decade and half ago. And all the processing power that it had was a measly 800 MHz. Throw in a RAM of 128 MB and I had a pretty good PC that time. Of course, that PC helped me write more than 150 of my early stage articles and prepare two books for printing!

Now, 15 years later, the configuration of that PC sounds funny. 800 MHz processor! 128 MB RAM!!

Forget PCs, the mobile phones of this era have lots more processing power than what my old friend had. And the good thing is that they are not done yet.

There are many phones with processors of more than 2 GHz in the market now. And then there are many more joining the race.

RAM of the mobile, too, is very important. Phones with 2 GB RAM are already common.

With newer phones coming into the market every so often, I guess our expectations from them are also increasing quickly.

While some new entries fail to live up to our expectations, some others try to exceed the expectation.

Asus' Zenfone 2 seems to belong to the second category. Why? Here are five reasons:

  • This phone features 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor with 4GB RAM. Many PCs, even to this date, do not come with 4 GB of RAM. This much of processing power and memory would make the phone a mini PC in my pocket!
  • Mobile phone camera has almost become my primary camera these days. With Asus' PixelMaster camera that captures images beautifully, this phone might just become my primary camera!
  • Phones these days are connected to the Internet 24x7. That also means a lot of pressure on the battery. With Asus' claim of 60% charge in no more than 39 minutes will make sure that the phone spends lesser time connected to the charger!
  • The ZenUI has already proven to be a great interface. It will definitely be a welcome change for users who are switching to Asus with the Zenfone 2.
  • Importantly, Asus’ has already confirmed that the Zenfone 2 will be available for purchase without waiting for flash sales or invitations. A welcome change from the sold-out-in-x-seconds drama! This means there’s no longer a need to set reminders about flash sales, or ask friends to “arrange” for an invite. Just go and buy when you feel like! 

With the good reviews that the phone has already received elsewhere in the world, and the what Asus has already proven with the earlier phones in the Zenfone series,  Zenfone 2 should be a good one to look forward to. Waiting to check it out as soon as it is out!!!

Asus' official page on Zenfone 2 is HERE

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