Togetherness, in the real sense!

4:27 PM

Technology has, in many ways, changed our lives. Some of those ways actually present opportunities that had never existed. Some have simplified our lives, and taken the pain out of many routine tasks.

At the same time, technology has created a confusion in many of us. We often fail to distinguish between the virtual and real worlds. We have hundreds of friends on social networks. We spend hours sharing our updates with them and looking at theirs. We play, we engage in interesting activities, we communicate – all virtually.

Have we ever thought how many days we go back home, and still stare at our smartphones? How many instances when we prefer watching something on the Internet, rather than playing with the kid or talking to the neighbors?
How many weekends do we spend trying to get away from the technological madness that surrounds us?

The sad thing is, even when we try to get away from the virtual world, we are unable to do that completely. We get distracted by our mobile phones while on a lunch with friends, we play videos or arrange video games during birthday parties … the list goes on.

So is being together a lost cause?

Not yet. As someone said, everyone in this society is definitely a part of everyone else. We just need to make sure that we realize that sooner than later.

What can we do? There are many options. Take birthdays for example. When celebrating birthdays, we either do it at home or go to a restaurant. In either case, since we are still connected to our virtual world, we tend to get distracted. More than with our nearest and dearest, our togetherness would be more with the gadgets than with people.

Like in many other cases, nature can come to our rescue in this case too. Instead of celebrating at home, or in a hotel, we can actually go out to a place closer to nature and spend some time. Go for a picnic, go on a safari, at least go to a park – just make sure our virtual world doesn’t interfere. And then, see the difference! We will be happier, we would spend the time more fruitfully and we will, for sure, experience togetherness. If you do not want to miss a similar experience for the next time too, plant a tree and keep going back to monitor its growth!

It is understood that we cannot take this much time always. Even for such cases, we can find our own ways of being close to nature. Growing plants at home is just one option. Share the passion, and make your friends do the same too. And before you know, there will be a bonding like never before, and the balconies would be greener than ever. Get some birdhouses too, and who knows, you might soon have some winged visitors.

Every great initiative, they say, starts with a small step. Take that small step now, and keep aside the smartphone for a while!

Written for Kissan India’s Kissanpur initiative. Visit, order seeds online and take the first small step!

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