Mysuru, my favorite!

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Choosing a favorite city is a tricky problem. When asked to do so, you either have a very obvious choice - or - have no clue whatsoever.

When I set out to think about my favorite city, I did not know which one that would be. To clarify my own doubt, I asked myself a question - which city do I consider as my hometown?

Having stayed at three different places over the years - for almost equal durations of time, I have this unique problem (maybe some sort of an identity crisis) of not really having a place that I can call my hometown without giving a second thought. The place where I spent my childhood and the places where I stayed (and continue to stay) for education and career – it is always a tough choice to choose one.

After spending some time pondering on this seemingly difficult task, the truth finally dawned on me. There is no other city, other than Mysuru, that I can as my own.
I am a proud Mysorean, after all.

Mysuru (ಮೈಸೂರು, also called Mysore) is a city that is very hard to describe. From the days of being the capital of a fine kingdom to the age of becoming the yoga hotspot, this city has come a long way. What has not changed during this course is the love and affection that people have towards Mysuru.

Even though many people try to link my city up to Tipu Sultan, majority of Mysuru’s popularity should in reality be attributed to the Kings of Wodeyar dynasty that ruled Mysore. So much was their foresight that they designed Mysuru to be well ahead of its time. Well planned and well developed, Mysuru continues to be a wonderful place to live in spite of some weird things happening to it in the name of modernity.

Under the Wodeyars, Mysuru was designed to be well placed for agriculture (through the construction of KRS - Krishnaraja Sagara dam), a center of culture (by welcoming intellectuals with open arms), an education hub (University of Mysore) and also world renowned for local products (Mysore Silk, to quote an example).

The beauty of Mysuru lies in the fact that it did not get lost in its glorious past. The city changed with time, and till date, continues to connect to every individual from every background. While it lets you enjoy your breakfast in a decades old neighborhood hotel, you are also given an option of being at the swankiest of malls for your lunch. Nobody stops you from enjoying the street food in the evenings, or shopping for vegetables in one of the age old markets.

With industries, educational institutions, research centers and offices, the city continues to drive people and their way of thinking. If you do not want to think much, and spend some peaceful time, the drive isn’t too long either.

So why wait? Come to Mysuru, and fall in love!

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