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The human body is an amazing machine. There is hardly another mechanism in the world that performs operations as complicated as the ones performed by the human body. If computers are called wonders, various parts our body that makes that wonder work are even more wonderful. We process data, we sense stuff, we travel, we work, we slog, we achieve – all thanks to our body.

Like any other machine, human body also needs a fuel. However, it is not an automobile or a gadget that you could simply feed with a predefined fuel (e.g. petrol, diesel or electricity) once the fuel level goes low. Unlike a car or a mobile phone, human body cannot even function in the same fashion throughout the period when fuel level goes from 100 to 0.

Yes, human body’s fuel requirements are as complicated as itself. We need food and water – at the right time, of the right quality and in the right quantity.
We are not in the normal mode, if we are too full or starving. Had a heavy lunch? Problem! Didn’t eat enough? Problem! Food too oily? Too spicy? Too sweet? Problem! Problem!! Problem!!!

This is where a balanced healthy diet becomes very important. Having enough nourishment to keep the body functioning normally, at the same time staying fit becomes possible only with a balanced diet. Keeping the diet healthy is important too – too much of fat, sweet or spices, as we all know, can cause significant damage to the fantastic machine that our body is.

But we should also face the fact that our diet might not have been right from the day one. For reasons varying from ignorance to laziness, we might have consumed – or might be even now consuming – food that is not really the best fuel for our body. Result: problems with our health. Digestion doesn’t happen properly, we have become obese, we are not really active… the list goes on.

In this age, everyone wants everything to happen quickly. Result is what matters. Good result in the shortest possible time. When you apply such logic to your health condition, which is when a crash diet emerges. The express way to lose weight. Superfast path to a fitter body. And god knows whatever else.

But such diets carry a risk of damaging the balance. When you are having too much of something, it automatically means your body is missing something else which was equally important. When such crash diets go out of control, it can even do more damage than good to us.

So what should we do? Follow a balanced healthy diet. But how? Get rid of unnatural stuff from our food habits (following the honey diet could be one of the good ideas). Reduce junk. Eat natural. When it becomes very difficult to get rid of something you really like (say, carbonated beverages), try replacing it with healthier alternatives.

The human body is an amazing machine. Keep it in a good shape. If this machine breaks down, there are not many workshops that you can take it to get fixed!

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