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The Internet presents a whole new world in front of us - filled with knowledge, friendship, happiness and opportunities. Interspersed with these positives also are hate, terror and a host of other bad things. For traveling into this new world, and traveling safely, what can we depend on?

Easiest answer: the browser. This small piece of software actually serves as our exclusive gateway to the world of Internet. Presenting websites in front of us, letting us send and receive emails, helping us explore new ideas, reaching out to people, enriching knowledge, and staying safe.

Yes, browsers of today are no longer just a way to open websites. They have really come a very long way since the time Marc Andreessen released 'Mosaic' to the public in the 90’s.

Now, browsers provide a hundred other ways to ensure that our drive on the information superhighway is exciting, and safe.
With today’s browsers, we can have the uncluttered experience with tabs, organize our favorites efficiently, integrate regularly used apps seamlessly, have the search engine built right into the address bar and even store frequently used data to save the pain of typing them over and over again. Want to save a favorite page to an app? Want to compare prices of an item across sites?? Browsers today make it all possible.

Is browsing only limited to work and such other serious stuff? Definitely not. Browsing is as much for fun as it is for work (or even a bit more!). Even when seriously working on a google spreadsheet - or – typing away a lengthy email, we make it a point to have YouTube or Facebook open in the adjacent tab. A perfect combination of work and play!

Talking about play, nothing can attract us better than cricket. In the cricket season, irrespective of where a person is – home, work, or traveling between these two – there is always the curiosity to know the score and be in the midst of action. Sitting in front of the TV, unfortunately, will not be a possibility at all times. So how do we ensure that we do not miss out on the action? Open some website on the browser. But what if the browser itself gave us the score without having to explicitly open another website?

What seems to be a neat feature is now a reality with a cool browser called the UC Browser. It provides a feature called ‘UC Cricket’ where we can check the score any time, without the need to google – or open another site.

According to UC Browser’s website (, UC Cricket features include Live Scores with auto update, Fixture & Result, Latest News and Videos. We can download UC browser from the same website and start enjoying UC Cricket!

With cool features like these, browsers are definitely moving up the value chain in being much more than a tool to let us browse. They are no longer just the auto rickshaws, they are becoming super cool stretch limos on the information superhighway!

Welcome, to the new world!

UC Browser's website is HERE 

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