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Internet in India becomes more awesome with the advent of 4G

When India was introduced to the world of Internet in 1990's, it was more like a parallel universe – something that existed outside our normal lives, like a magical world that could be entered only from a cyber cafe, often by paying as much as Rs 100 per hour. We were, obviously, expected to have enormous amounts of patience while pages slowly flowed through the dial-up modems.

But soon, things changed dramatically. Popularity of mobile phones that grew in unimaginable pace made the Internet a major part of our everyday lives. Away from the cyber cafe and the boring dial-up modems, our mobile phones opened up the world of Internet in front of us – anywhere, anytime, on demand!

And then we wanted more. Old phones made way for smart phones. Internet speeds started increasing. And prices started decreasing. When 2G speeds became boring, 3G came in.
Very soon, we felt that 3G speeds were slow too. Even though we were a lot better compared to the dial-up days, we still were not completely satisfied with the speeds.

And to answer our complaints, fourth generation Internet connections (4G) have now arrived. With two to five times faster speeds compared to 3G, this new generation is trying to make Internet in India more awesome. No more buffering, no more waiting for pages to load!

With 4G connections, we can accomplish a lot of stuff:

  • With the increase in speed, video streaming becomes faster and smoother
  • Video calls will have no lag
  • Online gaming experience, too, will be better
  • Transferring even large amounts of data does not require us to wait for long periods; Downloads complete faster than ever!
  • Dropped call problems might also be resolved, once carriers switch to voice-over-LTE (this transition, however, is expected to take a few years)

However, transition to this wonder world will not be an overnight change. 4G demands extensive upgrades to the service provider infrastructure and also an upgrade to a compatible handset at the users’ end. But the good news for us is that the changes have already begun. While newer mobile handsets – even at the entry level (and in many cases priced below Rs 5000) - are coming with 4G support, leading service providers such as Airtel have already introduced 4G connections. And more players are getting ready to jump in!

With 4G rolled out in 250+ cities, Airtel has become the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in India. It is also trying hard to increase 4G adoption, with campaigns such as #GetAirtel4G and offers where you can get a 4G SIM home delivered at no cost.

With the whole telecom world moving towards 4G, the time has come for all of us to move to 4G, and to be future proof. And to embrace the whole new world of Internet that is more awesome than ever!

Know more about Airtel’s 4G services here:

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